Chronological Diary

It can get confusing trying to work out what goes where, so here is the chronological order of the posts:

  1.  Montreal to Virginia – Stuck Where I manage to get stuck on the beach
  2.   Virginia to Alabama – Alabama Ho? Burning down the east coast
  3.  Alabama to Mississippi – Grits Experiencing local cuisine and the Chattanooga choo choo
  4.  Tennessee to Arkansas – Too Fast Too Hot  All sorts of wrongness
  5.  Arkansas to Oklahoma – Saas and Okies The ozarks and fishermen on rivers
  6.  Oklahoma to Colorado – Cheating Oklahoma A bit of Kansas too, wher I get lost and found
  7.  Colorado Rockies – Fear of Lightening Adam on board the rockies train
  8.  Colorado to Utah – Dr Zeleaky Stroies of a Suzuki that hates it’s oil
  9.  Utah desert – Desert for Dessert Much sand and then some salt
  10. Utah to Idaho – North to the Waste Lovely people and nasty terrain

More to come including the part where my bike ejects it’s oil everywhere and the very long ride back east.


Wild Meanderings on Wheels