Chronological Diary

It can get confusing trying to work out what goes where, so here is the chronological order of the posts:

  1.  Montreal to Virginia – Stuck Where I manage to get stuck on the beach
  2.   Virginia to Alabama – Alabama Ho? Burning down the east coast
  3.  Alabama to Mississippi – Grits Experiencing local cuisine and the Chattanooga choo choo
  4.  Tennessee to Arkansas – Too Fast Too Hot  All sorts of wrongness
  5.  Arkansas to Oklahoma – Saas and Okies The ozarks and fishermen on rivers
  6.  Oklahoma to Colorado – Cheating Oklahoma A bit of Kansas too, wher I get lost and found
  7.  Colorado Rockies – Fear of Lightening Adam on board the rockies train
  8.  Colorado to Utah – Dr Zeleaky Stroies of a Suzuki that hates it’s oil
  9.  Utah desert – Desert for Dessert Much sand and then some salt
  10. Utah to Idaho – North to the Waste Lovely people and nasty terrain

More to come including the part where my bike ejects it’s oil everywhere and the very long ride back east.