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The wait gets worse

After the traumatic choosing of the bike and the whole explanation of why and actually ordering the thing news comes in from Japan.

Picture my first experience of Japan; I was in a Hotel external doorway half naked, holding a pair of shoes, with a courier bag over my shoulder wondering what how the hell I was going to contact Anne if the city fell into ruins. On the 23rd floor the next door building looked like a ship’s mast in a gale. Oh dear.

Alarming and illegible
Alarming and illegible

The big Tsunami was in recent memory for the population and the TV came on with a very aliased map overlaid on the hard hat wearing news anchor. All the text was illegible to me and there were red flashing areas so I got the hell out as soon as possible. I think what I am saying is that I understand from a first hand point of view how scary even the idea of an Earthquake or Tsunami can be. Never mind one where Honda factories get damaged.

So a message appears on the Africa Twin forum with an internal letter from Honda telling all the dealers that the Kumamoto factory has been damaged and that the 40 bikes sitting in the factory that are destined for Australia have been damaged.

Bugger. Continue reading The wait gets worse

Africa Twin

Quebec has really shit roads. Worse could be had when we went to visit my Dad on base in Mom’s MG-B, but that’s because every time we saw a pot-hole we thought we were literally going to die. Landmines do that to you. Rhodesian Army had a vehicle called a Pookie, which was a great testament to our engineering brilliance, but I digress. Quebec has worse roads than most third world countries I have been in. So why would you ride anything other than an off road bike?

There has always been something in me that needs a motorbike and because of the these reasons I chose the Africa Twin: Continue reading Africa Twin

The Licence Problem

Quebec is a funny place. It isn’t really Canada but something trying to be it’s own country. The border to Ontario is about 40min away but the rules are very very different. Quebec hates motorcyclists and are trying their hardest to neuter the culture of motorcycling by making it extremely expensive and difficult to get on a bike.

Test Nonsense
It’ll take more than that…

So, you come to the province with your licence from another country, like the UK and they say… “sure you can swap it, lets just take your photo and here is your lovely plastic card.” You look at it and say “… er… hangon, where the hell is my Motorbike endorsement?” Continue reading The Licence Problem


There are a few bikes that all the nerds that occupy the myriad of web forums agree on, bikes that are known by most experienced motorcyclists as dependable and well engineered. The VFR800F is one. Yeah it might have a bit of a 90s look to it (which I love), but the engine is based on an incredibly well engineered endurance bike with gears driving the camshafts. Gears! Most cars have some kind of elastic band driving the uneven rods that spin half the speed of the engine. Not the ‘F’. You get metal meshing gears.

Park life

In all my time owning and being a total brain sponge nerd about various VFRs I have never heard of an engine failure. Awesome. Then Honda stuck a chain in there. Aah well. Better than a rubber band I suppose. Continue reading Interceptor